Index of questions

      Getting started

    • What is Poker?

      Betsafe Poker is connected to the Microgaming Network. At Poker you can play all the popular poker games in ring games and tournament, for play money or real money, against thousands of other players from around the world in real time. Betsafe facilitates this and handles financial transactions but does not take part in any games.

    • What do I need in order to play your poker games?

      First you need to open up a Betsafe account. Then you can download our poker client, choose a poker username an poker alias and start playing. To play for real money, see “How do I deposit money to Poker?" Once you have downloaded the software it is possible to enter the Lobby and even watch real games before signing up.

      Please note that you need to login to Poker with your Poker Username.

    • How do I deposit money to Poker ?

      You deposit funds into the Betsafe account and simply transfer the chosen amount of funds from your main wallet into Poker in the “My Poker Account” section of the website.

    • How do I join a game?

      In the Poker lobby you can view all the tables to find all available games. If you highlight a table you can see who is playing and how many chips all the players have. From here you can go to the table you desire, either by double-clicking on the table or by highlighting it and press the Go To button. To join the game you simply click on an empty seat and buy chips. If all seats are full you can add yourself to the Waiting List.

      General Questions

    • Where can I find more information about the company?

      You can read more about Betsafe here

    • How can I withdraw money?

      You can make withdrawals to your bank account, moneybookers or Neteller account. Please see the withdraw page in 'My Account'. But first you need to transfer the money back from your Poker wallet into your main wallet account.

    • Who do I play against?

      You play against other people in the network. We have registered users from all over the world so you will always find ring games and tournaments with a lot of players around the clock, every day of the year.

    • Are there rules about nicknames?

      You can choose whatever nickname you like as long as it is unique and not obscene or offensive however as soon as you have chosen your nickname it cannot be changed.

    • Do I need to keep the install file once the software is installed?

      No, it can be deleted. Further software upgrades are done automatically.

    • Do I need to upgrade with the latest Java?

      No, the Poker client will update itself automatically whenever needed.

    • Can I play for both real and fun money?

      Yes, you have the option to play for real money or just for fun. To play for fun visit our FunMoney tables.

    • What games can I play?

      You can play 8 different games at Poker. These are: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, 7-card stud, 7-card stud High/Low, 5-card draw and 2-7 triple draw.

    • How does a new game start?

      As soon as 2 active players (anyone who is shown as "away" is considered inactive) are seated at the table the game will start in 30 seconds.

    • Can I change seats in a poker game?

      No, the only way to do this is to first leave the table and then come back. You will then be treated as new player and if there are players on the Waiting List you may not be able to join the game again immediately.

    • What about integrity?

      Betsafe’s top priority is to create an environment that all our players can trust completely. We do everything to make sure that our games are fair and honest. Poker is not participating in any poker games, we are only providing the venue for your game.

    • In a Scheduled tournament, how can I find which table I’m sat at?

      If you are in the game lobby for a multi-table at start time you will be taken automatically to the table.
      If this does not occur, or if you are not in the lobby at start time please highlight the tourney name in the lobby then click on the "go to tournament" tab followed by the "tourney info" tab. Here you will see a list of all players in the tournament. Go to the game lobby and click on the relevant table to join the game.

    • What do I do if I registered for a tournament in the past but forgot to play?

      Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. If you register for a tournament the buy-in goes towards the pot and hence the winning places.

    • What should I do if I registered for a tournament in the past but the tournament had already started when logged on?

      Until you log on, your hands shall be check/folded, while you pay any blind charges that pass. As soon as you log on, you shall be sent to the table where your player is sat.

      If you are not placed automatically, please find the tourney name in the lobby then click on the tournament. Here you will see a list of all players in the tournament. Go to the game lobby and click on the relevant table to join the game.

    • I was registered for a tournament that was cancelled before it started, what happens to my entry fee?

      In the event that a tournament is cancelled before it has started there will be no effect on your account. This is because the entry fee is not deducted from the tournament until you have actually participated.

    • What happens if a tournament is cancelled during play?

      Poker tournament clean up routines consists of two different methods, Rollback and Payout. Depending on the circumstances and timing of the cancellation one of these two methods will be used. The Rollback method will normally be used when the cancellation is made in the first half hour of a tournament and the Payout method when the cancellation is made later in the tournament.
      The rollback gives all players; even the players who already were eliminated from the tournament, their money back (fees + prize pool contribution).

      The Payout method will divide the prize pool through these three steps:

      1. All remaining players will receive the amount that should have been paid to the next person out of the tournament (if this amount is zero then the buyin amount is paid instead).
      2. 50% of the remaining prize pool is distributed equally between the remaining players.
      3. The remaining prize pool is distributed in proportion to the chip count at the time of the cancellation.

      Besides these three steps, all remaining players will also get their entry fee paid back.

      Players that have already received a prize will keep their prizes.

      A terminated Sit&Go tournament will always result in a prize pool payout.

    • Why won't the game start? All I get is a grey square.

      Your browser needs to be compatible with Java 1.1. All the latest versions of Netscape and Explorer are. If you can, you should download an upgrade. If not, see if you already have some other browser on your machine that might work better. You can also test your browser for Java compatibility.

      We strongly recommend you use one of the newer versions of Internet Explorer to take advantage of all the sites features. The minimum requirement is that you use version 7 of Internet Explorer or version 6 of Netscape’s browsers.

      All the games work much better with the latest Java plug-in.

    • What is rake?

      The Rake is an amount of money taken by the House from all players as a payment for hosting the games. However, if there is no flop, (or if fourth street in stud games is not reached), no rake will be taken from the pot.

      The rake structure is based on Big Blinds and will also vary depending on the number of players.

    • What does the Poker rake structure look like?

      Our Play for fun games are all free of charge. If you play for real money a small charge, which is called rake, is taken from the pot. Only pots where a flop is dealt in Texas or Omaha, a fourth card is dealt in 7-stud or a draw is made in 5-Draw and 2-7 Triple Draw are raked. Only players who are dealt cards (active players) are counted as being seated.

      5+ Players Dealt In:

      Stakes Cap
      €0.01 / €0.02 €0.06
      €0.02 / €0.04 €0.12
      €0.05 / €0.10 €0.30
      €0.10 / €0.20 €0.60
      €0.25 / €0.50 €1.50
      €0.50 / €1 and higher €3

      3-4 Players Dealt In:

      Stakes Cap

      €0.01 / €0.02 €0.04
      €0.02 / €0.04 €0.08
      €0.05 / €0.10 €0.2
      €0.10 / €0.20 €0.4
      €0.25 / €0.50 €1
      €0.50 / €1 €2
      €1 / €2 and higher €3

      2 Players Dealt In:

      Stakes Cap
      €0.01 / €0.02 €0.02
      €0.02 / €0.04 €0.04
      €0.05 / €0.10 €0.1
      €0.10 / €0.20 €0.2
      €0.25 / €0.50 €0.5
      €0.50 / €1 €1
      €1 / €2 and higher €2

      Note: Our system collects €0.01 in rake for every €0.20 in the pot. This means that for a pot of €0.39 only €0.01 is collected in rake. This ‘rounding down’ means that the effective rake rate will be less than 5% for some pots.

    • How do I earn points?

      Every 1€/ rake you leave will earn you 10 Loyalty Points. Since your account is in €, Player Points you will earn per 1€ rake will be depending on the $/€ parity.
      You can see the up-to-date Player Points you will earn per 1€ rake in Poker application >>Loyalty Points >> How to Earn Points.


    • What is a campaign bonus?

      A campaign bonus is a cash bonus that you have received an offer about in any of our campaigns. It’s a percentage bonus you get for depositing funds to your account and transferring them to the Poker account. If the bonus is 100% and you deposit €100 the bonus would be €/£100 and released to the account when you've met the wagering requirements set for the bonus.

    • How do I activate the campaign bonus?

      In order to activate the bonus, you have to deposit funds to your Betsafe account. It is the amount of funds you deposit that will be the base for the bonus. For example, if the bonus is 20% and you deposit €100, the bonus would be €20.

    • What is a reload bonus?

      A reload bonus is a cash bonus that is occasionally available on Poker. It’s a percentage bonus you get for depositing funds to your account. If the bonus is 20% and you deposit €100 the bonus would be €20.

    • How do I activate the reload bonus?

      Login to your account and click on Available Bonuses. If you have received a bonus code, it can be used to unlock a bonus which then will be unlocked and available to you.

    • Do I need to enter a bonus code to activate my reload bonus?

      You do not have to enter a bonus code to get the reload bonus unless mentioned in the offer.

    • How and when do I release the reload bonus?

      To get the bonus you need to collect enough player points within set days of the activation of the bonus, if nothing else is said in the bonus offer. For example, If a bonus requires 10 VIP points for every euro then a reload bonus of €20 will require 200 player points. As soon as you have collected the points needed, your bonus will automatically be transferred to your Poker account.

      Please note that you cannot use previously earned points to speed up the bonus payout. You must earn the points after the bonus is activated.

    • How do I use my VIP points to release the bonus?

      Bonuses are released automatically when the required number of points has been earned.

      Connection Problems

    • What happens if I'm disconnected while playing?

      If you get disconnected during play the software will attempt to reconnect you automatically and return you back to your seat. Since you sometimes may have connection problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) we recommend our players to have an alternative ISP in case of a connection problem.

      If you do not act when it is your turn while still in the pot you will be marked away thus check if possible and fold to any bet.
      In the unfortunate event in which you cannot act due to a disconnection you might get treated as “Artificial all-in”, which means that you will be marked as all-in as if you have run out of chips when you placed your last bet/called and thus only be eligible for the pot up to the point when you last invested money. Please note that “Artificial all-ins” only can occur in Fixed Limit ring games and not in any other betting types (Pot Limit, No Limit etc) or in tournaments.

    • What should I do if I lose my connection in the middle of a tournament?

      Try to log back on again as soon as possible. You will still be seated at your table and will be check/folded until you return. The game runs on autopilot until you logon again. Artifcial all-ins do not occur in tournaments.

    • My tournament table froze but I can't sit back into the game?

      It is not uncommon when you are timed out and your session expired. The important thing is to rejoin the tournament quickly. Quickly close the game window (table) and restart the lobby (game client). You can then rejoin the tournament while our system checks/folds your hands for you. You do not lose anything except the blinds when it's your turn to post them.

    • Why does the game keep saying "The server does not respond" when I try to log in from my office?

      You are probably sitting behind a so-called "firewall". It's a safety measure that protects your company's network from unauthorized access. Among other things, it limits the communication with the outside world to a few standard channels -- and the Poker client-server solution may not be on the approved list.

      Please try configuring the firewall to accept traffic on port 2100 for Texas Hold'em and contact us if you need more information.